Our mission

Our mission is to enhance the shopping experience through insightful video reviews, widely distributed across platforms where shoppers conduct research. In doing so, we support brands offering exceptional products.

Our Story

Having built multi-million dollar brands through retail and e-commerce channels, we understand the power of high-quality video in converting and engaging audiences. As savvy shoppers ourselves, we know the value of seeing a product in action before making a purchase.

But let's face it, as a brand or retailer, sourcing high-quality user product videos is a laborsome task, and as a consumer, sorting through conflicting reviews can be out-right overwhelming. That's why we set out to revolutionize the industry by connecting brands and retailers with a community of real, authentic shoppers for product review videos.

We are proud to serve a growing number of large retailers and brands, all while maintaining the authenticity and fun in our videos. We believe that it is essential for shoppers to have access to product videos that are not only informative but are fun and engaging to watch.

Our community of reviewers is at the heart of our company, they are authentic and talented individuals who serve shoppers by sharing their opinions. If you're interested in joining our community of creators, please sign up here.

Founder of expeerly

Throughout my career, I have been dedicated to starting and scaling direct-to-consumer and e-commerce companies. My journey started with launching a premium chocolate chain called L'inoui, and later on I co-founded Ava, a women's health company that reached double-digit million revenues through direct-to-consumer and retail marketing. Through these experiences, I gained a deep understanding of the importance of authentic, trusted videos in any marketing strategy. This led me to create expeerly, a company committed to helping my fellow e-commerce marketers, CMOs, founders, and CEOs succeed.

Feel free to connect with me directly via Calendly to schedule either a 15- or 30 minute online meeting.

Our Offices in Zurich and San Francisco

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