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Good bye static product details. Hello expeerly.

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Good bye static product details. Hello expeerly.

Bring your products to life with user generated content made by expeerly creators.
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Good bye static product details. Hello expeerly.

Bring your products to life with user generated content made by expeerly creators.
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"We partner with expeerly on authentic product review videos showcasing our products. Our inhouse advertising focuses a lot on technology, thus real life testimonials are a great add-on! The views and traction these videos achieve on our key retail partners as well as on search & social is truly impressive."

Anna Claus
E-Commerce Manager, Dyson

"The expeerly reviews brought our products to life in a different and unique way. The authentic, short and informative videos are a real win for our shoppers. We are happy about the development of conversions and reach and are excited to be with expeerly on its way!"

Katharina Goerke
Trade Shopper Marketing Manager


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Increasing Your Amazon Sales Using Video Reviews

As an Amazon seller, you're always looking for ways to increase your sales and stand out from the competition. One powerful tool that can help you achieve both of these goals is video reviews.

Why video reviews increase conversion for Amazon Sellers:

  1. Video reviews in the product carousel increase engagement and conversion because they allow potential customers to see the product in action and hear from real customers about their experiences. Text reviews can be informative, but video reviews give customers a more immersive and personal experience that can help them make a purchase decision.

  1. Video reviews are the perfect complement to the existing Amazon Vine Program or any other review program you're using. They can provide additional credibility and validation for your product, which can lead to more sales.

  1. Video reviews can also be used off-platform, on your own website, other retailers, or other content places. This can help you reach a wider audience and increase brand awareness.

When it comes to video reviews, expeerly is the perfect partner for Amazon sellers. Here's why:

  1. Expeerly is hassle-free, which means you don't have to worry about coordinating with reviewers or editing videos. They handle all aspects of the video review process.

  1. Expeerly is cost-effective, which makes it accessible to Amazon sellers of all sizes.

  1. Expeerly is scalable, which means you can use them to create as many video reviews as you need.

In conclusion, video reviews are a powerful tool that can help you increase your Amazon sales and stand out from the competition. Expeerly is the perfect partner for Amazon sellers looking to take advantage of the benefits of video reviews. They are hassle-free, cost-effective and scalable, making it a great option for Amazon sellers of all sizes.

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Can AI generate my User-Generated content? (Are we out of a job yet?)

With the launch of Sora earlier this week, AI in video creation has finally reached a level where even the skeptics have started to pay attention. You might remember the first AI generated videos, including this jewel.

Well. Times have changed. The newest videos that OpenAI shared this week look more like this:

Needless to say. It’s time for content creators and marketers to pay serious attention. Sora is currently still in beta and can only be used by a small number of early access testers. However, knowing OpenAI, we can safely assume we will all get our hands on this sooner rather than later.

Regardless, there are already many AI tools available for marketers / content creators when it comes to UGC. Let's explore the most common AI use cases (Keep in mind this is written in Feb 24, things will move fast):

AI powered Editing

Most Video editing software today offers creator simple video editing tools powered by AI.

Prominent examples are eye contact correction, stabilization of shaky videos, video background removers and automatic reshaping and resizing tools.

One limitation we have found is that we are still missing a tool that allows creators to upload lots of B-Roll and receive a final cut video at the end that matches the voice over. Meaning, our creators still cut their videos themselves.

Ideally, we would even see a variety of cuts from one set of B-Roll which has become quite common for still ads.

AI powered Voice & Text

AI powered transcriptions are almost flawless today (except for Swiss German), allowing subtitles in all languages with ease.

On the voice side we can generate all voices in all languages from text to speech but these are still recognizable as “AI”. There are tools (like voice dubbing from veed) that are trying to address that. I have tested it for you here (and was actually quite impressed).

Another neat tool regarding voice is the Loom edit by transcript. Where you can delete items in your voice-over by simply deleting them off your transcript.

AI extended B-Roll / Photography

Some UGC videos aren’t just shot footage, they also include stock videography or photography. Creators can use AI generated videos and photos for these purposes. This is also where Sora will have the most obvious application for UGC creators.

Full AI Video Creation for UGC

Now to the meaty one… Can creators / marketers already create UGC fully with AI today? Yes. Does it show it’s AI? Also, yes.

One option is that they just use an Avatar. These are widely available and can look something like this:

The best out there I have seen comes from my dear friend Mathis Büchi Ginzbourg with An example of what they can do here:

But... what will the future hold?

I'm willing to make this my Steve Ballmer moment of when he laughed at the IPhone:

But I do believe authentic User-Generated content is here to stay. Not despite AI UGC, but because of it.

Do I think that AI will get massively better and create UGC videos that are hard to distinguish from the non-AI versions? Yes.

But in a world where AI does everything I believe that consumers will want authenticity and creativity above all else. And UGC will remain the key way to obtain that, as long as it manages to communicate its authenticity message loud and clear. (If it doesn't, it will cease to perform)

The way I see it, UGC is a bit like an onion. In its core, the authenticity must remain for it to perform. It's the key reason it started to perform in the first place. But the layers above, the processes, the editing, the scalability - all these should be enhanced and enriched with AI wherever possible. We will want to use AI to make our creators & our own life as easy as possible.

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You care about SEO? Invest in video.

At my previous startup Ava, we invested early in SEO.

Our strategy: Build out THE information hub for couples trying to conceive.

The result: More than a million views per month - organically.

All that was possible with the writing, editing and SEO skills of our team. “AvaWorld” as it was called, featured hundreds of articles.

Picture of AvaWorld

Today, the goal hasn’t changed. In fact, it’s more important than ever for companies to bet on organic content early. Rising advertising prices make that a necessity. But what has changed is the SEO game. While written content stays relevant, Google has slowly but surely put its attention towards video.

The statistics are - as usual when it comes to google rankings - murky. But the advice is clear: Add video, get better rankings. But why?

Why Google wants to rank your page higher when there is a video on it

There is a lot to like for Google when it comes to video on Page.

  • Increased time on site: Websites with video content tend to have longer average dwell times, with studies showing that users spend 2.6 times longer on pages with video compared to those without.
  • Lower bounce rate: Videos are fun. People don’t want to leave anymore.
  • Enhanced User Engagement: Video content generates higher engagement levels compared to text-based content
  • Social Sharing Amplification: Highly shareable video content amplifies reach and generates valuable backlinks, bolstering SEO.
  • Diversified Content Portfolio: Search engines favor websites offering diverse and valuable content.
  • Mobile Optimization: With mobile usage on the rise, video content is key to engaging on-the-go users, favorably impacting rankings.

Ranking high is fun and all. But how about your video is directly shown in search results?

Google has been increasingly incorporating video content directly into its search engine results pages (SERPs) over the past several years, reflecting a growing trend towards multimedia-rich search experiences.

Well done Neil Patel. Well done indeed.

Here are some key ways Google integrates video into SERPs:

  • Video Carousels: Google displays a carousel of video thumbnails at the top of search results for video-related queries.
  • Rich Video Snippets: Rich snippets provide users with a preview of video content directly within the search results.
  • Video Thumbnails: Video thumbnails may appear alongside text-based search results, providing visual cues that video content is available.
  • Video Answers: Google sometimes displays video snippets at the top of search results, offering concise video-based answers to user queries.

Organic is more than Google. Heard of Tiktok?

Social Media channels like Tiktok, Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube have become search engines in their own right. In this study by emarketer, a significant amount of people start their online search on these platforms.

The entry ticket? Video.

emarketer study on online search

I run an ecom store or am responsible for ecom channel partners. What do I do?

Your products will need video.

“All of them?” -  “Yes.”

“But I can’t afford that” - “Use UGC"

Video has been treated for too long as a cost center. As a “nice to have”. But in order to achieve search rankings on social platforms or Google, video has become essential. And the good news in video marketing is that the most affordable video strategy is also the best performing: User generated content. According to our A/B test with Brack, user generated review videos achieve a 40% higher conversion compared to brand videos.

And bonus tip: If you run an ecom store with third party brands - speak to us about content syndication. We work directly with your brands on creating content for your platform - free of charge.  It's the model we are currently running with Brack & Galaxus.

You have questions on how to implement this on your product portfolio? I’d be happy to speak through your challenges - just book a call here.

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