You care about SEO? Invest in video.

At my previous startup Ava, we invested early in SEO.

Our strategy: Build out THE information hub for couples trying to conceive.

The result: More than a million views per month - organically.

All that was possible with the writing, editing and SEO skills of our team. “AvaWorld” as it was called, featured hundreds of articles.

Picture of AvaWorld

Today, the goal hasn’t changed. In fact, it’s more important than ever for companies to bet on organic content early. Rising advertising prices make that a necessity. But what has changed is the SEO game. While written content stays relevant, Google has slowly but surely put its attention towards video.

The statistics are - as usual when it comes to google rankings - murky. But the advice is clear: Add video, get better rankings. But why?

Why Google wants to rank your page higher when there is a video on it

There is a lot to like for Google when it comes to video on Page.

  • Increased time on site: Websites with video content tend to have longer average dwell times, with studies showing that users spend 2.6 times longer on pages with video compared to those without.
  • Lower bounce rate: Videos are fun. People don’t want to leave anymore.
  • Enhanced User Engagement: Video content generates higher engagement levels compared to text-based content
  • Social Sharing Amplification: Highly shareable video content amplifies reach and generates valuable backlinks, bolstering SEO.
  • Diversified Content Portfolio: Search engines favor websites offering diverse and valuable content.
  • Mobile Optimization: With mobile usage on the rise, video content is key to engaging on-the-go users, favorably impacting rankings.

Ranking high is fun and all. But how about your video is directly shown in search results?

Google has been increasingly incorporating video content directly into its search engine results pages (SERPs) over the past several years, reflecting a growing trend towards multimedia-rich search experiences.

Well done Neil Patel. Well done indeed.

Here are some key ways Google integrates video into SERPs:

  • Video Carousels: Google displays a carousel of video thumbnails at the top of search results for video-related queries.
  • Rich Video Snippets: Rich snippets provide users with a preview of video content directly within the search results.
  • Video Thumbnails: Video thumbnails may appear alongside text-based search results, providing visual cues that video content is available.
  • Video Answers: Google sometimes displays video snippets at the top of search results, offering concise video-based answers to user queries.

Organic is more than Google. Heard of Tiktok?

Social Media channels like Tiktok, Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube have become search engines in their own right. In this study by emarketer, a significant amount of people start their online search on these platforms.

The entry ticket? Video.

emarketer study on online search

I run an ecom store or am responsible for ecom channel partners. What do I do?

Your products will need video.

“All of them?” -  “Yes.”

“But I can’t afford that” - “Use UGC"

Video has been treated for too long as a cost center. As a “nice to have”. But in order to achieve search rankings on social platforms or Google, video has become essential. And the good news in video marketing is that the most affordable video strategy is also the best performing: User generated content. According to our A/B test with Brack, user generated review videos achieve a 40% higher conversion compared to brand videos.

And bonus tip: If you run an ecom store with third party brands - speak to us about content syndication. We work directly with your brands on creating content for your platform - free of charge.  It's the model we are currently running with Brack & Galaxus.

You have questions on how to implement this on your product portfolio? I’d be happy to speak through your challenges - just book a call here.